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Program samples

The 19th Jewish Festival in Krakow June 27th-July 5th, 2009

Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow is an annual cultural event organized since 1988 in the once Jewish district of Kazimierz (part of Krakow) by the Jewish Culture Festival Society, a self-described meshugeneh, fascinated with all things Jewish… more

Wrocław: Megaproductions 2009

The Opera in Wroclaw has a tradition dating back to the first half of 17th century. Since 1627 the operatic and theater Companies performed at the local Ballhaus (located by today’s Wita Stwosza Street) introducing the audience to the musical news… more

The Tatra mountains

The Polish part of the Tatras was formally declared a national park in 1955. The lower and middle parts of the range are cloaked in forest. Beechs, which were traditional in this area, are now rarer, being superceded by larches, and above all spruces… more

SPA in Krakow

Hotel Farmona Business Spa in Krakow is a true oasis of tranquility and relaxation in the center of the city. The place is a refuge from the noise and everyday problems, offering quietude, care for beautiful and healthy body as well as peaceful frame of mind… more 

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