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Meetings like Magic

Ghostly encounters

It is a little known fact that the fort in Malbork is the largest castle in the world made of brick. The interiors of the massive 16th century edifice, in which one can still encounter a medieval atmosphere, are a perfect place for organizing unforgettable encounters – ghosts included.

The power of the Wawel chakra

Wawel Hill along with Wawel Castle located atop it were once the seat of Polish rulers and are now considered jewels of worldwide art. In addition to having historical value, they are also special for another reason: it is said that the seventh and final chakra is to be found here, the so called Wawel Chakra – a stone of incredible might that is the source of the most unusual energy that provides spiritual power.

Magic of music

Imagine a royal residence resounding with the echoes of Chopin’s charming music – especially for you. This is not a dream but reality – one of our offers, an encounter in the Palace on the Water and a chamber music concert in a magical atmosphere.

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