The renovated building of Stara Zajezdnia is a unique facility. The hall is an example of wooden framework architecture with brick filling, very rare in Krakow, usually called the “Prussian wall”. The hall front is decorated with a picturesque top bearing a clock with Art Nouveau finish. The Main Hall belongs to an architectural and construction complex, which is under legal protection – entered into the register of monuments in 1985 and the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List UNESCO. It is generally known as historical monument.
The scenery of the post-industrial interior of Stara Zajezdnia offers the chance to create an unique event with unforgettable moments for participants. Two independent buildings (hall and restaurant), technical rooms, cloakrooms, a yard and a fenced area provide broad possibilities for the organization of events with diverse character.
Stara Zajezdnia is a place that combines history with modernity. The building features a beer hall with a mini brewery, a restaurant and a yard.
The hall can host conferences or dinners and seat up around 600 people as well as concerts or cocktail parties for up to 1200 people. There are, among others, a stage, a dressing room, multimedia projectors, 3 projection screens (including one of 18 m2) as well as LCD monitors at organizers’ disposal. Smaller meetings (up to 100 people) or special events can be organized in the restaurant building.

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