26 Niemcewicza Street
02-306 Warsaw, Poland
+ 48 22 55 66 320
+ 48 22 55 66 310


Meetings like Magic

There is no need for us to use any supernatural force or magic spells to charm your encounter. The only magic we use the the magic of the places that await you here. Visit Poland and let yourself be charmed… more

Incentives like Ideas

Our ideas are the key to unlock the door between what is known and what is yet to be discovered. They are the key to a field of dreams that become real… more

Congresses like Creativity

Accelerate your conference! Break away from a traditional congress pattern! Let us creatively convert the event into an unforgettable experience… more

Events like Emotions

Are you excited by the beauty of the world around you? Do you like surprises? Do you know that powerful sensation of feeling truly alive? Our goal is for those unforgettable moments to last as long as possible and for you to take those emotions back home with you… more

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